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Laser Dentistry

A Stress-Free Dental Experience…

Dentistry advances in technology using Laser
If you have tooth decay, you want to treat it as soon and as pain free as possible. Your Dentist has made a commitment to your dental health by offering Dental Laser. The Dental Laser offers you the opportunity to have a safe, anxiety free dental experience without drills and in some cases without anaesthesia.

How does the laser work?
The laser removes cavities and treats soft tissue problems with the energy of light. The specialised light produced by the laser is selectively absorbed by the cavity or soft tissue. In the case of treating a cavity, the laser gently removes the decay, leaving more of the healthy tooth in tact.

How is the laser different than the drill?
The drill is a very powerful tool, and the vibration and large hole it produces, causes discomfort. Anaesthesia is almost always needed. The laser light works to destroy and remove the decay without the uncomfortable vibration and resulting discomfort. Rather than a drilling sound, you hear only a gentle tapping.

Will I still need anesthesia?
Probably not! In clinical studies 96% of patients required no anaesthesia when the dental laser was used to remove decay. This means that you will not have to spend time waiting for numbing to take effect or to wear off. Additionally, multiple teeth in different parts of your mouth can be worked on in ONE visit. You may still choose to have anaesthesia, while avoiding the sound and vibration of the drill.

Is the laser safe?
Absolutely, the treatment has proven to be appropriate and safe in over tens of thousands of applications throughout the world. The laser is ideal for both adults and children.

What else can the laser treat?
The laser is effective for soft tissue procedures on the gums, cheeks and tongue with less pain, less bleeding and faster healing times. The laser is also being used in a variety of endodontic (root canal) procedures as well.

How do I get started?
The dentist will be happy to discuss the laser with you.